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Sept 16 to 30 2011 revising not in Cronus time.

SUNday 09 25 2011- 11:7:11 = 11


Descendants of The AN.UNNA.KI -Thoth, Tehuti, the Winged Serpent- NINGISHZIDDA was a genetics scientist, known in Egypt as the god, Thoth. According to Zecharia Sitchin, NINGISHZIDDA went to the American continent after being deposed by his brother, Marduk. Goddess tradition


Chaos-Marduk - Sarpanit (aka LILITH- A mother goddess and the consort of the chief god, Marduk ( NIMROD). Their marriage was celebrated annually at New Year in Babylon. She was worshipped via the rising moon, and was often depicted as being pregnant. She is also known as Erua, Zarpanit, Zarpandit, Zerpanitum, Zerbanitu, and Zirbanit. She may be the same as Gamsu, Ishtar, and/or Beltis.) From this union: Nabak also known as Tashmetum.

KEEP IN MIND THAT MARDUK and ISIS/ISHTAR -SIN's SISTER changed the GODDESS TRADITION into a blood bath. They claimed all previous annunaki titles for themselves to create a NEW MONOTHEISTIC RA LEGION; ;


(vs Dumuzi and Inanna = aMERIcas)

WAMPUM if you people are still fighting about who is RIGHT and what RA-LEGION is Better... they are all from RA MARDUK BEL NIMROD and LILITH. They rewrote the books and changed the hieroglyphs and statues. SHETU (Greys)- loyal to ENLIL, wiped out our memories and later kicked out Marduk and continued with the RA LEGIONs. SO KISS and MAKE UP. We need a SPIRITUAL RENAISSANCE and it is coming from the CANADIAN MOSAIC.

SERENITY GLOBAL Enjoy your ARMAGEDDON.Send us your women and children and we will put them into covenant communities on a World Wampum for protection during the CLEANSE.

( we will send you our TARES for CLEANUP DUTY....microchipped of course for YOUR PROTECTION:) SERENITY GLOBAL

Goddess tradition vs evitapendragon


Jordan Maxwell-The Inner World Of The Occult- Full Length 2002 // Ruled by the Gods David Icke


SATURNday 09 24 2011- 11:6:11- 10 - (ATEN in CRONUS)...should be interesting today with the EXOPOLITICIANs at the UN in NEW YORK. Planning on washing the NEW YORK COAST AWAY... GAIA? Queen Lizard is near DENVER COLARADO now.

Where is that BROWN DWARF? Lots of EARTHQUAKES and TSUNAMIs that your EXOPOLITICIANS and BELLIAL media are keeping from you.

SEPT 30, 2011 St John's COMET vision, the Virgin Birth, & the Age of Peace ; THE TRUTH BEHIND THE SCENES ;

Comet ELEnin is it a BROWN DWARF STAR!!! THE SIGNS !! //

The Aw akening | 2011 Final Version

What rules you? How a Star dies-mjsantos | 2011/09/14 at 12:25 | Tags: character, Genocide, greed, Libya, power, soul, TRUTH | Categories: Geopolitics, Life, Society, THETA | URL:

When too much iron accumulates in the CORE of a Star, it begins to collapse under its own weight, which sends "shockwaves" raising upwards, literally blowing the Star apart (Supernova). At the moment the Star dies, if enough matter falls into its CORE, it collapses to a point, forming a BLACK HOLE.
The same is the heart and Soul of a person.
True beauty results from cultivating a pure soul. Ever been around people who look physically attractive and after spending a few minutes around them, their beauty seems to fade in from of your eyes? Then you have people in time, just looks prettier the more you know them?
The world bombards us to focus on the external. Women are driven to anorexia in efforts to achieve model-like thinness and make-up companies earn a fortune from our efforts to look more "perfect." Men are faced with near impossible standards of buff-ness. Fitness clubs have become temples of the body, where men try to sculpt themselves into the image of a perfect man--bursting biceps, six pack abs, and chiseled pecks. All of this in efforts to look more beautiful; to be more attractive.
The problem is, real beauty can't be achieved through diets and make up. A truly attractive person isn't born in a gym. Soul deep, last-a-life-time beauty comes from a pure soul. You can see these in the eyes - the window of everyone's soul.
Our societies have purposely destroyed everything that is sacred. All relationships have turned into commodity and market place, a trade.
People don't commit to working on the content of their character, their sacredness and their purity.

Humanity delves into much depravity and debauchery. The saddest thing, is the parents are passing this on to their babies, exposing them on television where sex, lies and violence (and all sorts of mind-control programming takes place).
Impurity is a grimy film that coats the soul, a shadow that blocks light and darkens our countenance.

Would you drink filthy water to quench your thirst?
The heaviness of external corruption that bombards our daily lives can be overwhelming. Many walk around this world unconsciously "awake". This
passivity and apathy to TRUTH and SACREDNESS is the reason why our world is degenerated. We put up with the assault by the Corporatists who manipulate everyone to consumerism.

People get things they want, not based on need. They don't know the difference. They just accumulate..."stuff"...and it has become a disease. There is a compulsive and impulsive "shopping" behavior. Many are spiritually-bankrupt and thereby become a BLACK HOLE. They don't know their Purpose in life. They don't have deep meaning for their existence. They just roll wherever they please.
This is not a religious "preaching". I am pointing out how
our world is ruled by greed, manipulative "what can I get out of you" relationships, and Ego desires (some are just really icky).
I do not believe that as human beings, we are to behave lower than animals. Look at what they are doing in Libya, Middle East and Africa: Ethnic cleansing. For what? What is the purpose? What is the purpose of killing another race? Why are the people just watching it like it is only a TV entertainment show?
I think we all need to be alarmed.
Priorities are screwed.
I am calling Humanity to BE pro-active and compassionate human beings. Being a human being means you have a Soul.
Whatever you feed, it grows.
Do you feed your Ego or your Soul? Are you a Black hole or a Star?
What rules you?



Cathars Holy Grail Celtic CANADA playlist


Archons as the 7 “old planets” (Mars, Venus, Sol, Luna, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn),


Mercury = Is reflected in the Nefilim pattern [See "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets" for identity of the Nefilim. Mercury is at its FALL in the water house of the Garden [Pisces]
Venus = Eve – Reflected in the exalted woman, seduced by Enki in the water house of Pisces - creating her FALL in the opposite sign of Virgo – the Virgin.
Mars = Adam – the first created hybrid man [See "Keeper of the Celtic Secrets"], was removed from Garden and sent to rule the fire sign of Aries, ruled by Mars, and out of the Garden proper.
Jupiter = (ZEUS or ENKI)– the wise one representing the tree of knowledge of good and evil was, sent out of the water house of Pisces to rule the fire sign of Sagittarius.
Saturn = (Enlil or CRONUS)– the Lord of the Garden ruling both the air and earth houses, but was later removed from the air house in 1781 with the discovery of Uranus when Saturn was found too restricting to allow progress.
Uranus = the Great Age of Aquarius and the coming of the planet Hibiru – home planet of the Anunnaki – to arrive during the Age of Aquarius.
Neptune = the ‘god’ who rules during the Great Age of Pisces – whose FALL is in the air house, sign, and Great Age of Aquarius.
Pluto = the exalted tree of life in the Age of Aquarius, ruled by Saturn but as patterned by Uranus
North Node of Moon = serpent’s head [Lucifer] manifested in man’s religions.
South Node of Moon = serpent’s tail - malefic forces representing the powers Satan. ;

ENKI SPEAKS Messages From Enki: Humanity's Father

Our original prehistoric ancestors lived in an area of our world that was subtropical at one time. The ancients called this landmass Hyperborea, which is now a frozen wasteland due primarily to the pole, shift which dropped these subtropical lands into a DEEP FREEZE. Today those landmasses are in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The Adams and Eves are descendents of these Hyperborean ancestors as were all of us.( ROBERT MORNINGSKY is RIGHT AGAIN)

Yes, there really were E.T.'s, who do you think provided the wisdom to build the pyramids, give us mathematical equations, science and astronomy? Are you ready for some real wisdom? OK - Good. As per old family journals containing knowledge from ancient Ireland, the origin of races are as follows:

1) Caucasoid, or the WHITE races, descend from the Anunnaki, including the Elohiym godhead. And yes, the ancient Israelites, are actually descendants of the Elohiym royal family.

2) African or Negroid, the BLACK races, descend from the evolved Homosapiens and the hybrid created Adams; they are the EVES.

3) Asiatic or Mongoloid, the so-called YELLOW skinned people, descend from the Nefilim, the ousted royal party from Hibiru - notice I say Hibiru NOT Nibiru - Hibiru/Hebrew - are you still with me here? The Nefilim 'giants' were the reigning godhead until the Elohiym family ousted them, casting them to the Earth;

4) Indigenous or Native peoples of the land, the BROWN or RED races, descend from the evolved Homo sapiens and the Anunnaki - some not authorized by the Elohiym, but boys will be boys, and they made a good working stock of slaves. These people were the ADAMS. ( Ojibway creation myth- First Man and Fire Keeper's Daughter- ZEUS's Athena and ADAM ( Dumuzi) before the explosion of TIAMAT into EARTH and asteroid belt ...DH)

A) The original evolved creatures of the Earth, first known as Homo-Erectus, who evolved to Homo sapiens, i.e., the Neanderthal – eventually this species became extinct due to the Ice Age, the Great Flood, famines, diseases, natural disasters, etc. This race was black skinned with coarse black hair, large features, and type O Rh-positive blood. ( ADAPUS??))

B) The original created hybrid ADAMS – the father of all brown-skinned [RED-skinned], indigenous, `native' peoples of the world. The `Adams' were one-half Anunnaki and one-half Earth evolved people. Descendants of the Adam's inhabited all continents and islands of the world. Note: the Adam's were of lighter skin tones than were the hybrids known as the Woman - `Eve'. The Adams and the Eves all naturally have Rh-positive blood, connecting them to the Earth.

C) The original created Eves – the first hybrid woman, was the mother of all black-skinned peoples of Africa. The Eves, a.k.a. `the woman', was/is made up of one-half Adam's [DNA], and one-half Neanderthal, making her one-fourth Anunnaki, less black than the original Homo sapiens, but nevertheless, black-skinned. `Eve's' bloodline was created to preserve the race of natural Earth-Evolved creatures, who were becoming extinct. All black-skinned races of Africa are from `Eve'.

D) The Nefilim: A race that once lived and reigned politically on planet Hibiru, but were eventually ousted and sent to Earth – they were the `fallen giants' in Biblical accounts, as well as in the St. John family journals. The Nefilim make up the Mongoloid and Asiatic peoples of the world, and originally had type B blood – RH negative – not of this Earth.

E) The Elohiym royal godhead: Their descendants became the twelve/thirteen tribes of Israel, i.e. the multitudes of Hebrew people - a white race descending primarily from EL, and his brother, Enki's, bloodline. The bloodline of the Israelites makes up the multitudes of Celtic, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Anglo-Saxon, true Jews who aren't from the brown races, and most western white races. Note: The genetics of this group is probably the same as 'F' [below] – as both groups descend from the Anunnaki race, but 'E' represents the 'godhead', i.e. the reigning royal family. The original blood type of these descendants was RH negative, i.e. not of the Earth. Science today has no explanation as to where the Rh negative factor originates - well, it originates with the Elohiym family godhead. The royal godhead were not permitted to marry, and bear children, to any other than their own blood type. This is also the reason that the Israelites were held for 40 years in the Sinai - giving them time to 'cleanse' their bloodline by marrying only within their own race.

F) The WHITE race of people are descendants of the Anunnaki. Some from the white race are descendants of the Elohiym - which simply implies the royal family godhead who were/are in political power on Hibiru. However, some from the white race do not have a bloodline from the royal family of Elohiym, but are in fact, descendants of Anunnaki citizens. Their blood types were originally the same as above, but due to intermarrying with the BROWNS, as well as other created races, both groups now have large amounts of Rh-positive blood types. Rh positive is more dominant that is Rh negative, an Rh negative mother may have ten children from an Rh positive father, but may have only one Rh negative baby out of ten. [See my article on Rh neg blood for more info].

G) Mixed races – are a result of intermarrying amongst all races of people – producing various shades of skin tones, facial features, hair color and consistency, and blood types. Examples might be the people of India, the Aborigines of Australia, the Blackfoot of North America, and the Polynesians.

H) Esau's descendants – Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc (EDOMITES) ( brother JACOB TRICKED ESAU!!!! STOLE HIS INHERITANCE. WE HAVE BEEN DECEIVED. Get over it BOYS)

I) Cain's descendants – Assyrians>>>Babylonians>>>Romans

J) Ishmael's descendants – the Arabs

K) Jacob's descendants [Elohiym descendants] – see


-master scientist/physician, Enki, did many experiments with DNA manipulation and cloning in his laboratories here on Earth, accounting for many different and varied features amongst the races of people, which could have resulted in blonde-haired Aborigines in Australia, and the fine-featured black-skinned peoples of India.

The descendants of the Anunnaki are the white races of peoples, who were originally a light-skinned race, with either `red', blonde, or light-colored hair, and brightly colored eyes, such as blue, green, light gray, or hazel. Many white-skinned peoples still resemble the ancient space travelers who came to Earth thousands of years ago.

While the Israelites are descendants of the Elohiym godhead, and Enki and Enlil's family, not all white races descend from this politcal family. Nevertheless, Enki knew that the population on Hibiru was in trouble, so to preserve the Elohiym royal family line; many Elohiym descendants remained behind on Earth in order to preserve their race. Other Anunnaki descendants also inhabit the Earth today ( OLYMPIANS), but Enki and Enlil's descendants are identified as being Israelites.
NOTE: All the WHITE and ORIENTAL races would actually be HEBREW - having their origins from the planet by the same name, HIBIRU [aka Nibiru].

In summary, what the St. John family journals say regarding the various races is as follows:
1) A brown or red race of black-haired, ruddy-skinned people who are half-Anunnaki and half Homo-Sapien.
2) A black race that is one-half Homo-Sapien and one-half hybrid Adam;
3) A white race of people who are descendants of the Anunnaki;
4) An Oriental race of people who are the descendants of the Nefilim.

There is an `out of Africa' hypothesis that was first proposed based on genetic studies of a type of DNA analysis known as mitochondria DNA, which is inherited through the maternal line; and the Y chromosome, which is inherited through the paternal line. These particular studies show that the African races have more genetic diversity than any other human groups, and that this diversity has been accumulating for perhaps 100,000 to 200,000 years. This finding implies that all modern humans are descended from a small population of Homo sapiens that originally lived in Africa some 100,000 to 200,000 years ago. However, analysis of mitochondria DNA, from a Neanderthal fossil found in Germany, also suggests that the Neanderthals did not contribute DNA to modern Europeans. Thus, evidence has been accumulating that modern Europeans are not descended from Neanderthals of Africa. [Source: paraphrased from Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia – 2002

Nobody will dispute the fact that black haired, ruddy [brown] skinned peoples, have occupied every continent and island on the face of the Earth since the `Adams' were first created. The Elohiym family of `gods', originally created the `black-haired' people, in part because the Anunnaki hated to do manual labor, such as, mining gold, diamonds, and other precious metals. Therefore, the creation of black-haired, ruddy-skinned peoples was initially to provide manual workers for the extraterrestrials, a.k.a., the Anunnaki people.

Hope this information doesn't blow your minds too badly - think outside the box folks - do you want the facts or do you still believe in Santa Claus? READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE:


SATURNday 09 10 2011- MOLOCH MEDIA SACRIFICEs today. See what BELLIAL BULLS about now.


09 10 2011 = 5 - Heru and his Twin Flame, the mighty Creator Goddess Sekhmet, have long been active in assisting Humanity and the evolution of this Planet. Sekhmet was known as the Lion Goddess in Egypt. She has also appeared as the Goddess Durga in India, and as the White Jaguar Lady in Central America, and as the Lion-headed Dakini Senge Dong-Ma in Tibet. She has asked that we refer to her as Durga/Sekhmet, to honor both of the major traditions in which she has appeared. Heru was known in Greece as Apollo and in India as Satyanarayana, Lord of Truth. Each of these aspects reveals a different facet of the Being in question.

Sekhmet Is White Jaguar Lady Rainbow & White Buffalo Calf Woman


The Dimensional Planes of Spiritual Consciousness - The UNIVERSAL HEART-MIND begins in Realm 13
This Channel serves as the portal to unlimited Potential and infinite Possibility. This is the
Heart Stargate and is under the Guardianship of the Pleiadians. Ancient Lemurian transmissions are received through its Universal Central Sun..Alcyone. This is the storage center for the Sacred Geometry of Magnetism and the teachings are transmitted to a collective of Earth Beings

Excerpts of the Book of Heru The Return of the Light Part I

The Magickal Dissertations Part 1 -A magickal order of spiritual warriors dedicated to the eradication of the Reptilian/Illuminati current and the full restoration of Humankind's liberty and spiritual inheritance. ; ;

Spiritual Awareness Now Beneficial Enlightening Clear Knowledge

Devi: The Great Goddess

 MAP 6.4 2011/09/09 19:41:35 49.493 -126.967 23.0 VANCOUVER ISLAND, CANADA REGION


THORsday, Sept 8 2011= 09 08 2011= 21 = 3 trinity of IDIOTS trinity911


-9/11 VATICAN DRACO LONDON NAZI ALCIADA terrorism date ( CRONUS and his MOON and SUN boys )= SUN SEPT 11 2011 = 09 11 2011= 11:11:11 = 6 ( something will be planned, pretty obvious).

BE VERY CAREFUL and stay away from MAJOR EVENTS at this time. EXOPOLITICIANS love to RITUALLY SACRIFICE Children of the LIGHT in YALDABAOTH's MONTH 9 (also named Sept for the 7 SUN in the south MARduk RA)

11:11:11 means 33 ( 1/3 fallen angels= free masonic number 33 = age when they killed the Teacher of Righteousness ) ;

Russia HOCKEY players killed in plane crash. Worst aviation distaster in sports history. ( Destroying CANADA's Sport)

Lizard Queen and King POPE will AVOID their TRIAL this month. THEY WILL KILL before they go to JAIL for MURDERING HUMANITY for THOUSANDS of years

KEVIN ANNETT and ELIZABETH MAY (Green Party) ritual targets on the WEST COAST.

Expect the tsunamis and earthquakes to start washing away the coasts and cities and the LIZARD QUEEN's assetts.

EXPECT THE SATANISTS to BLAME LIBYA and other NATIONS for the TERRORISM- who won't bow down to SATAN.

ALCIADA is still on your payroll, cause you pay the LIZARD QUEEN and KING POPE thru your SIN number and BEAST TAXES. (TIME to cut the cyanide cord children. )

If you DIE...HEAD for YOUR LIGHT, not anyone else's. See you in 5D EDEN.

MANY SELFISH SOULS will be making their way to the ARMAGEDDON playground with the CHILDRN of BELLIAL.


  Toronto Newspaper Editor Escapes Arson Death

Toronto Newspaper Editor Escapes Arson Death September 6, 2011- Vic Flett's Toronto Street News has long been a thorn in side of the Masonic Establishment. "I was targeted because of a series of stories we are doing about the Mega-Quarry -- 2300 acres will be turned from potato growing into a hole in the ground 200 feet deep for the limestone that will be shipped to the U.S. and China. For drywall. 7,000 trucks a day, 23 tons of explosives 7 days a week." by Victor Fletcher ( I almost got it -- I was awakened SaturNday at 4:45 a.m.-- the garage was on fire! I ran out and saw the 5' square window wood covering was on fire. I went to the 4' wide concrete doorway -- it has no door -- and tried to enter but the opaque smoke inside was too thick. So, in panic, I thought I'd run around the side and try the back door as there were only papers lying on the floor. Nothing to be afraid of or so I thought. However, the moment I retreated from the front entrance, the car, a 2010 Chevy Impala, blew up and the whole doorway exhausted a huge loud roaring flame that came out 6-feet from top to bottom of the doorway -- just like in the movies when a car explodes. It has taken me 2 days to recover my wits and attempt to do any production work which normally goes on 24/7.

I very narrowly avoided being incinerated by 20 seconds. I'll try to send a pic of the garage -- you can see the scorch marks on the fence where the flame came out. I was interviewed by teams of emergency people -- fire marshals, police detectives, regular firemen and regular policemen. The car engine hood blew straight up and over the roof of the car. The back bumper was actually melted off. My phone lines were cut and I forgot all about my own cell phone -- running instead to a 24-hour variety store to use their phone. They wouldn't let me go near it for a day as they put a yellow ribbon around it and declared it a crime scene. I retreated back to the home town to try to settle my nerves with a friend who drove me here. I was very settled actually but I just wanted to get away from it all. The internet, phones and TV cable were all down when I left town. I'm going back in the morning -- Tuesday. Two of my psychics tell me it was because of a series of stories we are doing about the Mega-Quarry -- 2300 acres will be turned from potato growing into a hole in the ground 200 feet deep for the limestone that will be shipped to the U.S. and China. For drywall. 7,000 trucks a day, 23 tons of explosives 7 days a week. It will result in a huge hole in the ground no longer able to collect taxes. It is understood that it will be used eventually to ship water to the U.S. as they have requested railroads to be built to Owen Sound port and to Toronto. So, why the trucks? It will go on for years. It is run by a Boston hedge fund. Billions involved. Citibank recently declared people should invest in water shares. Because of my stories and info two towns Shelburne and Orangeville had town hall meetings and rallies in the parks, etc. this summer to oppose the mega-quarry. The mayor of Shelburne complained that I had not asked him anything - but he had already recused himself from protesting because he said the quarry was his biggest customer (insurance). We wrote that he would be like a hockey goalie who left in the middle of the game. People actually sent $100 cheques and are very angry. Tenants on main street Shelburne have moved out because of the air brakes of the trucks all night already. Anyway, I guess I am too old now to continue anyway. This may be my swan song. My closest acquaintances are frightened and want me to give up the paper. I don't blame them. The arson was very carefully planned. I thought we'd lose the whole house when the roaring blast of flame came out.

LAUREEN HARPER- I am praying for you and your children. I know your lives are threatened. LEAVE the LOSER and don't lose your SOUL. LORD said be fruitful and multipy, not be MARRIED to a BILDERBIRG EXOPOLITICAL SATANIST. ; ;

SATURNday 09 03 2011= 16= 7 SUN - say goodbye to the LUCIFER dark SUN, dog STAR and other LYING NEWSPAPER BELLial BULLSHIT MEDia MIND CONtrol.


WORLD WAMPUM here we come............STARVE the $$$SATANISTS$$$. Dump the GOLD stocks.




Since there MEDIA BLOCK OUT and THEY BOMBED PHONES IN SIRTE, the hometown of Gaddafi, so NATO can do a MASS GENOCIDE like Kosovo (SOS ALERT TO VIRAL THIS!)

In the last 4 days,over 1400 civilians have been killed. WE WISH TO INFORM YOU 8,000 bombing raids, with estimates of 4 bombs used per attack

NATO has already dropped over 30,000 bombs on Libya. That’s almost 200 bombs per day for 6 months, some tens of thousands of tons of high explosives. With an estimated 2 Libyans killed per bomb and without a single NATO casualty the Western regimes have massacred over 60,000 Libyans in the past half year with the rebels themselves having said there have been 50,000 Libyan deaths. The Transitional Council in Benghazi was imposed by NATO, France, US and UK and 95% of the ENTIRE POPULATION COMPLETELY REJECT IT. This bogus New World Order "democracy" is imposed and VIOLATES ALL INTERNATIONAL LAWS including the Geneva Convention!

These leaders/rebels are not even Libyan or from Libyan tribes but come from Tunisia and other countries. I have EVIDENCE and they are CRIMINALS AND from Al Qaeda!

The Santos Republic is still fixing its technical issues, but the OFFICIAL VIDEO REPORTS coming from ME, the Strategy/Peace Negotiator with my detained UN mentor and brother, the UN Security Council Special Envoy to the Arab Nations, a British Royal are forthcoming! I do not fear death so I will not cower down from the death threats over my life as I am the LAST SURVIVOR from the original crew. But I can comfort myself that my UN mentor is still alive. If something happened to him, we would have had World War first week of May. Justice must be served and ALL OF YOU MEDIA are in cahoots for LIES and are war crime accomplices for LYING to the peoples of the world, just like you have done to other war crimes you covered.

Rest assure, that the TRUTH will come out. To the Elected Leaders who got SPINE, PLEASE, stop the atrocities. Obama, Sarcozy, Cameron, NATO are LYING TO YOU.

We are coming with the FULL REPORT and FACTS. The Egyptian, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, etc were instigated by the SAME people who instigated and destroyed Pakistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Africa, etc and now the Middle East. The SAME people who put America into massive debt. They are ALL CONNECTED.

So much evil and I am not going to cower down because YOU people are afraid of them. LEADERS, you made oath to SERVE YOUR PEOPLE and CONSTITUTION, not money, not Wall Street, not status symbols. THE PEOPLES!

WAKE UP! YOU HAVE A MORAL DUTY TO DEFEND THE WEAK!- Not rape, exploit and destroy them! You should be ashamed of yourselves if all you are basing your decisions are from these Zionist controlled CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, Foxnews, CBS, etc media!

They LIED and even fabricated 911! Come on! If you listen and believe them, you are not a leader and ought to leave your posts!

You only work for yourselves, not the people.


EVERYONE: We need to come together and UNITE. SPREAD THIS MESSAGE. The MEDIA will not tell you about this. It is The Santos Republic DUTY to REPORT TRUTH AND FACTS because of my position and INSIDER involvement as I am BOUND BY MY HONOR to my UN mentor. I have only 1 INTENTION: To DEFEND HUMANITY against all these LIES and ATROCITIES CAUSED BY THEM.

We must stop all atrocities to Humanity. (SOS ALERT TO VIRAL THIS to the WORLD LEADERS, esp China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and ALL EU COUNTRIES. They don't want to listen,




BYE SATANISTs here comes PLAYlist








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 I See CANADA Coming Together as a NATION. We Are Going to RISE Out of This NWO GENOCIDE.