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time to get off the -----MATRIX anyway. U will be in LOCK DOWN, if U don't head for GREEN ENERGY land. USE DIRECT CURRENT ONLY, not AC.

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7thfire.info - U NITED FISHER KINGDOMS- Wašícu - Lakota word for "taking the fat" and it is used by natives to refer to non-Natives who rob tribes of their resources.


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JANUS 1-15 2012 http://serenitystreetnews.com/janus1-15 2012.htm

MOONday 01 16 2012 - AQUARIUS- TIAMAT the MOTHER, the original FAERY PLANet of the OLYMPIAN gods ( Andromedans) LUNALUCIFERA http://www.serenitystreetnews.com/LUNALUCIFERA.htm

TIAMAT WHITE moon goddess (moon was a vehicle for creation expts by ARIEL / LUNA / MOTHER / LUCIFERA / SLEEPING BEAUTY)


TIAMAT: Babylonian name composed of the Sumerian elements ti "life," and ama "mother," hence "mother of life." In mythology, this is the name of a primeval sea dragon goddess, the embodiment of Chaos, and mother of the first gods.

Tiamat Sumerian-Babylonian Goddess Mother // Dragons Powerful Allies and Wise Teachers.

Mother Tiamat & Her “Little Monsters”: An Analysis Of Lady Gaga And Born This Way

Creation Legend: Merodach the Dragon Slayer ( MARduk the idiot, Enki's kid)

Nammu Primordial Mother of the Deep who "gave birth to Heaven and Earth," according to Sumerian scripture. She created humans from the clay (long before Genesis was written). Babylonians called her Tiamat, Mother of the Gods, but in the Enuma Elish, her son Marduk killed and dismembered her to create the above and below. Canaanites also honored Athirat Yammi (which some translate as Asherah of the Sea) as Qaniyatu Elima, Mother of the Gods. Nammu as a woman sea-serpent. She is the waters and the Source, pouring out the essence of life.

Tiamat, the chaos dragon, is the Great Mother. She has a dual character. As the origin of good she is the creatrix of the gods. Her beneficent form survived as the Sumerian goddess Bau, who was obviously identical with the Phœnician Baau, mother of the first man. Another name of Bau was Ma, and Nintu, "a form of the goddess Ma", was half a woman and half a serpent, and was depicted with "a babe suckling her breast" (Chapter IV). The Egyptian goddesses Neheb-kau and Uazit were serpents, and the goddesses Isis and Nepthys had also serpent forms. The serpent was a symbol of fertility, and as a mother was a protector. Vishnu, the Preserver of the Hindu Trinity, sleeps on the world-serpent's body. Serpent charms are protective and fertility charms.http://www.sacred-texts.com/ane/mba/mba13.htm ; http://www.20000-names.com/dragon_names.htm ; http://www.tiamat.ca/ ; http://www.orderwhitemoon.org/goddess/Tiamat2//tiamat2.html ; http://www.sacred-texts.com/ane/stc/stc04.htm ; http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer_anunnaki/esp_sumer_annunaki03.htm ; http://users.lmi.net/maxdashu/deasophy/nammu.html ; http://rainbowcamouflage.com/2011/05/07/mother-tiamat-her-little-monsters-an-analysis-of-lady-gaga-and-born-this-way/

Goddess tradition //

The Order of the White Moon Goddess Gallery Presents TIAMAT Created by Sea Dragon


The Seven Tablets of the History of Creation.

-The creation legends of the Babylonians tell the story of Tiamat's being wed to Apsu (seems to mean “far waters”) and giving birth to the original deities. However, these children were loud and annoying which bothered Tiamat greatly. Apsu, her husband, tried to convince her to kill them with his help to create the heavens and earth. She didn't agree to do that until Apsu's death. The younger deities learned of their parents plan, and a great battle ensued. Apsu was murdered by his son, Ea, but he couldn't defeat Tiamat. So he got help from his son Marduk who battled Tiamat. In the battle, Tiamat opened her mouth to swallow him as he approached her but he threw a storm into her mouth. Marduk then killed her by shooting an arrow into her belly. Marduk then cut up Tiamat's body into pieces to create the heavens and earth. Marduk then became the “King of the Gods” in Babylonian legends. For the Babylonian sailors, the seas divided the sky and the earth at the horizon. Splitting the primordial sea to create the heavens and the earth makes sense. For the creative power of Tiamat, use Amazonite symbolizes new beginnings bringing you the power to find new paths in your life. (Tiamat helps in mental and physical difficulties). http://www.crystalvaults.com/pages/goddess_tiamat.php

SUNday 01 15 2012 - NESARA DECEPTION and the ASS-ended MASTERS from SHAMBALLAH http://serenitystreetnews.com/NESARADECEPTION.htm




SATURNday 01 14 2012- 11 SCAM-ALOT CAMELOT, EXOPOLITICS, YAHWEH JESUS, UFOs, HORUS, KROLL, KAVASSILAS, EISENHOWER and the NESARA PHOENIX COINTELPRO-pagandists are ALL LIARS for the NEPHILIM. nephilimloosh http://serenitystreetnews.com/nephilimloosh.htm

We are fighting the energies of The Powers That Be at this moment and we are close to winning this war we did not start.

Chris Thomas is a well known Healer, Psychic, and Author, he explains the energetic flows that the ETs and Illuminati inflict upon us as a human race on Earth. The Annunaki/Velons, The Galactic Federation of Light/Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, the Nordics and the Hathors are causing the problems and issues that we have within ourselves, this list also includes Tolec, ex. Alfred Webre’s interviews with Tolec. They create these inharmonious frequencies that we are inflicted with and causes our confusion, our issues, our emotions, they are not helping us in this transition to a new world, they are dampening our plans, so my suggestion is to not read them and fill your minds with nonsense. They raise your hopes and then dash them! These emotions that they are inflicting upon us with negative frequencies, they are reveling in this now! These transmissions/channelings are not from a good source and are giving humanity incorrect facts so that they can do their job and rid the Earth of our race so that they can take over our planet and thrive themselves.


Ascension is not what many think it is, we do not die, we do not go into the 5th dimension, we stay here on this planet. There is not going to be a split between earth to create another earth where we will reside. We are here, on this planet for a reason, we are here to make our lives better and to be happy. That is the ultimate goal for all humans! It is a time where we better ourselves now with what we have, we take care of ourselves and each other. That is what Ascension is all about, however, we are not ascending anywhere, we are raising our vibrations to what they should have been long long ago prior to our frequencies of Earth was lowered.

We should be a happy race, a race filled with love and hope and faith, but we are not, we are fighting for what is ours and do not care who we step on to get what is ours, this is the majority of our race. We cannot live this way, we need to respect each other just like you respect yourself, and hopefully you do respect yourself. We are bringing our beings into a higher frequency, this is what theEnd of Human Existence as we know it” or “End Times” means, we are entering a time of change in which we have not yet experienced in this lifetime.http://readyfortheshift.com/2011/12/12/chris-thomas-explanation-of-the-history-of-the-world-velon-ets/

ANDROMEDA COUNCIL REACHING OUT WITH HELP ACROSS THE HEAVENS -People of Earth... Earth is your planet. A truly beautiful place of natural wonderment among the stars. And you, people of Earth, you will finally have an opportunity to heal, grow and evolve... to determine your own destiny, make your own choices... and determine the kind of future you want for your world. Without negative influence & interference from others. Your choices. Your world. One to which you are responsible... whose future you hold in your - hearts, minds & souls.http://andromedacouncil.com/page04.html

CELTIC MYTHOLOGY: FAIRIES: TUATHA DE DANANN - The Otherworld and the realms of spirit are with us always. We live equally as part of them and they of us. The portals to these realms lie at the centre of our being. Perhaps sometime while you are relaxed and at one with yourself and creation the mists will clear, revealing the other part of your existence to you. Then may you journey to the many coloured lands in the elemental kingdoms of Tir-fo-Thonn, Tir-na-Bea, Tirtaingiri, Tir-nan-Og and Tir-na-Moe. http://deoxy.org/h_otherw.htm

http://www.gods-heros-myth.com/tuatha.html ; http://www.askalana.com/fg/irish-fairies.html ; http://deoxy.org/h_mounds.htm


Chris Thomas TRUTH WAKEUP - TRUE GUARDIANS are the FAIRY and the SIDHE (pt 1.). VELON and HATHORS invaded EARTH, and with implants, monitor the HUMAN SLAVES for the ANNUNAKI)



01 12 2012 - KEEP DRAINING the LIZARD CROWN CORPSES...they took lots of BLOOD from US, now it is PAYBACK TIME.

LAND and WATER. NO FUNNY MONEY from the ILLEGAL FEDERAL RESERVE of ROMA $$$$$$$$atanist$$$$$$$$$$$$$ LIZARDODRAINO http://serenitystreetnews.com/LIZARDODRAINO.htm

Federal government declines comment on lawsuit filed by George Gordon First Nation - The First Nation is suing the federal and provincial governments for $10-billion, it claims it is being “cheated out of” on potash and oil developments. http://www.causes.com/posts/945175?template=bulletin_mailer/posting&causes_ref=email

7thfire.biz CANservatives http://7thfire.biz/CANservatives.htm





usury free living playlist // Tommy Usury Free http://usuryfreeliving.net/ cyberclass.net


SUNday 01 08 2012- CHURCH and GOVERNMENT CRIMES. Time to LOSE the VAMPIRE LOOSH to LONDON and ROME $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ romasuckshttp://serenitystreetnews.com/romasucks.htm

Real Health 2011-11n-28 - Kevin Annett on Brantford Residential School - TUNE IN with DEE NICHOLSON & HUGH REILLY for a real SCOOP! KEVIN ANNETT (Rawennatshani) EXPOSES WHAT WAS FOUND AT THE BRANTFORD RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL! A team of people, including an archeologist, have been digging at the site, looking for evidence of the murders of Aboriginal children by those running the school... one of many holding secrets long hidden by our government and the churches. JOIN US AND BE AMONG THE FIRST TO KNOW THE SECRETS LYING BENEATH... THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE





SATURNday 01 07 2012 - 4 - (for aura protection) Q - energy SYMBOL = Qabballa LITE TREE. FOLLOW the CATHARs. This IS the LITE RITE WAY SATURNdaatway http://serenitystreetnews.com/SATURNdaatway.htm

AVOID the KABALLISTIC CROSS. ( fallen angels) . Nine Keys to Hell: The Qlippoth


Occupy the Astral!!!


The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram - The ritual banishes the chaotic and impure form of the elements from the magician's circle by the tracing of Pentagrams in the air and by the power of certain Divine names followed by an invocation of the spiritual forces ruling the elements to fortify and guard the circle.


The G.O.O.D.S LBRP begin this ASAP http://grandorderofdracoslayers.blogspot.com/2011/11/goods-lbrp-begin-this-asap.html
This is a much more effective template to over lay on the LBRP from the Golden Dawn and other Illuminati corrupted sources free from the Hebrew God-names which are actually hidden titles for Moloech, Mammon, Azoth and other Qillopthian deity level entities. Instead of Ah-Tah… vibrate Uranus ; Instead of Malkuth… vibrate Tarra; Instead of V’Giburah… vibrate Mars ; Instead of V’GiDoorah… vibrate Jupiter ; Instead of Lah oh’lahm amen… vibrate Sol

Formulation of the Pentagrams- In each of the cardinal directs trace that banishing earth pentagram assume the goddess” posture or “star pose” and vibrate the name Venus and feel love for the great mother and holder of the most sacred symbol of our race (the pentagram), the five pointed rose of humanity. - Then thrust both hands forward so the finger tips touch making a triangle while you step forward with your left foot. This is the “God posture” or spear tip. Vibrate the name Mars, the father of our race and thorn of the rose of humanity, the lover and protector of Venus. Feel his anger at all those who would harm her or his children and charge the pentagram with that energy. This is Venus/Mars/Cupid union.

The calling of Guardians
Instead of before me Raphael… say “Before me cheerful and sweet”, then vibrate Erreus. Instead of behind me Gabirel… say “Behind me bold and wise”, then vibrate Zepheryus. Instead of on my right hand Michael… say To my right kind and brave”, then vibrate Notus. Instead of on my left hand Uriel… say “To my left ancient and strong”, vibrate Boreous
-Instead of assuming the “star pose” and saying “The pentagram around me”, assume the “star” posture and say “I am with the embrace of my mother of my mother Venus, keeper of the sacred pentagram and tender to the cradle of our race”.
-Instead of seeing the star of david inside your heart center and saying “within my shine the 6 rayed star”, see the 6 pointed star of sol over both your heart center and solar plexus and say Within me shines the radiance of Sol, for I am the center of my own universe, a reflection of the most sacred and most high”.

- The LBRP of the Golden Dawn is based on Qilopthian foundations, calling of evil gods and their minions assuming “angelic forms”. Because you are calling the Qillopthian deities first you then are invoking the “angels in disguise” and you don’t know it. You are charging the pentagrams in tiles for Moloech and allowing him to decide which entities can come through.
Stop the Golden Dawn LBRP immediately! -Bear Heart

The only major religions that have survived today are primarily based on Sol or corrupted sun worship. This includes Islam. While Allah was originally Lunar based, his “moon cult” teachings have been for all intents and purposes, eradicated. Judaism is nothing more than graduated Christianity and ANY form of Zionism is the focused worship of the Qilopthian Solar energy of sacrificing others for the elite few or “choosen”.

- There was a strong linking of the extinct and true Mars or Martian warrior and strength cults with the corrupted solar cults. This way the warrior cults and societies could better justify murdering others in the name of love and compassion. The crusades, the witch hunts, the convert or die campaigns… all are forms of the Mars/Solar corrupted spirituality link. http://grandorderofdracoslayers.blogspot.com/2011/11/this-is-partly-channeled-writing-from.html

Age Of Deceit (Full Length HD) Fallen Angels and the New World Order- Good movie but you messed up with the JESUS thing. BAR JESUS is a PAGAN WITCH. Emmanuel is the REAL NAME. Yeshua, Easu...NOT JESUS. // Prince William is the Antichrist! When? 2015!


FRIAday 01 06 2012 - 3- FREE us from the ROMAN TRINITY of ARCHONS.friafrumfallenangels

Occupy Astral -The more humans are awake and aware on the Astral world, the harder time these Illuminati and Reptilian scum bags will have, being our occupiers!

We are BILLIONS of individual points of unique light that make up the starry astral, they are THOUSANDS of slick propaganda illusions that have burrowed like worms into the folk-subconscious of humanity and whisper dark lies to us in our dreams, lead worldwide lies called Christianity, Islam, and Judaism to keep us weak, fearful and docile, manufacture wars to thin out our population and teach us racism to prevent us from uniting against them and keep us fighting each other.

-As we begin to occupy the Astral, we loosen their grip and being cutting the lines of communication they have to the bloodline families; the lines of channeling they have to the owned world “religious” leaders and prevent their poisonous info from further sickening the human mind, will and spirit.

-Show them NO mercy. Let what is coming come, let humanity cut out and incinerate this cancer and finally evolve and advance.

Let humanity influence humanity. Let humanity be free of ALL off world influence and let us rise, divine and strong and claim your place in the universe free and pure! Occupy the Astral and start making this a reality TODAY!!! http://grandorderofdracoslayers.blogspot.com/2011/11/occupy-astral.html


Step up, if you have shot your mouth off in the past // Apocalypse THESE ARE YOUR LIARS, YOUR FALLEN ANGELS. ...STAY AWAY



THORsday 01 05 2012- 11 - 2 ( too stupid to know any better) INCUBUS SUCCUBUS ALERT-

http://www.youtube.com/user/BrianISGOD1 incubussuccubusalert http://serenitystreetnews.com/incubussuccubusalert.htm

BEWARE OF SHERRIE LEA LAIRD = LYING LOCUST QUEEN she is bringing in the SHROUD of TURIN FAKE loser BRIAN golightly marshall fried chicken YAHWEH http://www.serenitystreetnews.com/videos/evitapendragon/sangrailian%20notes%20apocalypse/ ; http://www.johnadams.net/cases/samples/Monroe-Laird/index.html

Sherrie Lea Laird, ALTERNATIVE MEDIA MASTERS and JESUIT PAWNS playlist ( sangrailian is behaving in 2012 so far). TREEE, LAIRD was trying to draw you into her ARMAGGEDDON AGENDA.




Mercredi 01 04 2012 Mer Ka Ba Ascension 2012 Playlist POSITIVE MERKABAs look like ANGEL formations.

DO NOT USE METATRONIC MERKABA as taught by many DECEIVING Fallen Angel MYSTERY SCHOOLS to put you into a BLACK HOLE or keep you on this 3/4d EARTH http://serenitystreetnews.com/POSITIVEMERKABA.htm




MARdi JANUS 3 2012 - 01 03 2012 - 9 GOOD GUYS vs BAD GUYSgoodbadguy http://serenitystreetnews.com/goodbadguy.htm

WingMakers-are a fallen race of ETs with a dark agenda. WingMakers art and music activate a DNA response that brings about a negative merkaba. WingMakers caused the recent earthquakes in Chile, killing innocent lives. http://projectcamelotproductions.com/james_wingmakers.html

FRAUD James of Wingmakers regarding statements made by A'shayana Deane . http://projectcamelotproductions.com/james_wingmakers.html

New Revelations on the Story about the Wingmakers, the Labyrinth Group, and S.A.A.L.M- Well, it's a very clever take-over! The Corteum changed the name Anderson to Neruda because Jamisson Neruda is very close to "Dr. Anderson's" real name! I was told this as being a fact by the real Dr. Anderson, who later became Dr. Neruda. Furthermore, "James" ( I will call him by his real name, Mahu Nahi from hereon), after had taken over the project, also added a lot of real information to the website. In fact ( and this is also coming from the real Dr. Neruda quite recently), there is a lot more real information on the current WingMakers site than the original one! In other words, there is disinformation on both the old site and the new one. However, the following were most likely the steps the Corteum and the Labyrinth Group decided to take after Dr. Neruda had let the cat out of the box in 1998.

and other FREE E-Books by Wes Penre: http://wespenre.com/e-books.htm ; http://wespenre.com/pdf/PFCPaper3-new-revelations-on-the-story-about-the-wingmakers-the-labyrinth-group-and-saalm.pdf

Ashayana Deane (Anna Hayes) on Monoatomic Gold - http://educate-yourself.org/lte/AshayanaDeaneonwhitegold17sep06.shtml

Ascension with ASHAYANA DEANE - playlist ( go to 30 min) ( she exposes many diabolical factions on EARTH) http://www.azuritepress.com




MOONday, JANUS 2 2012- 01 02 2012 = 8 -as promised by Sophia in the Last Days, low vibration entities will be in 3-4 D LOCKDOWN. 34dlockdownliars

HEARTgate is the only way to SERENITYGLOBAL

The Coming Fragmentation By Dr. Joseph Chiappalone MD 12-30-11 http://www.rense.com/general95/frag.htm
There is no point in trying to be specific about the destructive changes that are about to engulf this planet, and all other physical structures in the Universe. I have written previously that the Divine Energy has been withdrawn from this dimension and now all that is left, apart from a few thousand warriors assisting the evacuation of viable conscious from all classes (Mineral, Vegetable, Animal and Human) is the Evil energy in all its forms.

Evil begets
Evil. The evil energy will do what evil always does: it destroys everything, including itself. We will not be the first planet to be destroyed by evil practices. Obviously Evil needs instruments by which it can cause its destruction. Evil beings lie, and cheat and are hypocrites and murderers.

There is also what is called "
Natural Evil" where the evil elements in the Mineral Kingdom express their madness and cause pains, suffering, fragmentation and destruction. I have also stated that all constraints have been removed, so Evil can plunge headlong into its self-destructive mode. This is quite obvious now. The Archons are not trying in the slightest to hide their evil. Dishonesty everywhere has become the modus operandi.

Violence and anarchy are the disorder of the day. We will witness the most atrociously evil actions imaginable. War crimes of unprecedented magnitudes, slaughter of animals, children the elderly, often for no reason. Remember demons get energy from that sort of suffering. Bestiality, cannibalism, sexual depravity, etc., will also occur openly.

We are going to see the demons at their worst.

And all nations are planning on war, war, and more war, regardless of whether they have a cause to go to war, or whether they have no cause. Some are planning suicidal missions against superior forces for no reason other than that the ones in charge are affected by the
Terminal Madness of the Endtime.


No one is going to win. The result will be a loss-loss. So, does it really matter where it starts and by whom it is started? Of course not. All the ridiculous plans of the Archons to cull Humanity, to introduce a New World Order, to announce the arrival of Aliens who will supervise us, will all be a grand show of idiocy, and although these things may begin to happen, they will come to nought. Every activity now on the planet can be likened to shuffling of deck chairs on the Titanic. Earth's fate is sealed.

awakened ones will suffer least for they will be prepared and will understand the operation in action is for the removal of this malignant tumour called Evil from the face of Creation. The emotions that will saturate the planet will be those of Selfishness, Hate, Anger, Fear, and Despair. We see this even today.



Purify by cleansing meticulously, and protect, protect, protect. Don't let these destructive, evil emotions destroy you. Think and express LOVE, True Love, and gratefulness that the Divine Light has seen fit to rescue us and correct this Celestial Error. With Love in your heart, the difficulties will be easier to bear, and you will be a comfort for those around you who may understand less than you do. As the process proceeds, Viables will want to be with those of like mind and energy. We will be able to congregate if there is time. Already you have probably noticed you don't fit into the Virtual reality very well any more. Others may shun you for they cannot stand your (purer) energy. You too find you cannot be near Reptilians when you recognize them, and those who carry much negative energy, be they robots or demons.

Those who do NOT respond to LOVE are not your friends. Read that again: Those who do not respond to LOVE are not your friends, and in all likelihood are non-viable, regardless of what excuse they give for not responding to love.
Do not equate Love with sex or physicality. You all know what Divine True Love is. I am sure you have experienced it. I am sure you recognize it, and I am sure you have met people who respond to it and those who do not.

Do not make excuses for any who do not respond. Do not take chances. By all means emanate love at all times. It is never wasted. It will bounce off those who cannot use it and return to you or go to one who can use it and needs it. There is so little True Love in the world today that the pervading essence is of Darkness and Gloom.

-as you purify you will recognize the New Green Energy more and more and it will nurture you more and more. This is a miracle that should leave you in no doubt that this Finality is upon us. Do not despair at any stage. Do not contemplate suicide to hasten your departure. You will most likely pick up such thoughts from the Thought Pool circulating the globe. It is full of the thoughts of Depression, Gloom and Despair. That is why suicides are increasing all over the world exponentially. I have explained that as thoughts of Finality and Accountability reach the lower minds of failures, they will despair. That is the cause of so much gloom and its consequences that we see.

If you are alone a lot, do not become lonely. Focus on what is happening and where you will be soon. Stay in touch with those of like minds, by phone, by emails, by skyping, by snail mail, etc.

fragmentation is of minds, of relationships, of families, of communities. It is a religious fragmentation, a geographical one, a political, industrial, financial and climatic one, as well as a solar and a Galactic fragmentation, culminating into a Universal fragmentation and conflagration. The process cannot be stopped. All the physical structures must all go.

The mendacious Archons will no longer be able to hide the Truth with their lies. We will all see what they have done. We are seeing that today are we not with evidence of their greed, deceitfulness and hypocrisy everywhere? But they cannot help being like this. They have always been like this. It is their nature. They cannot change. Their lies will no longer matter. They are doomed along with their lies.

As less and less energy is available to sustain the Evil Empire, it will collapse upon itself. Long after Human Consciousness has ceased to exist, the very bonds that hold atomic and sub-atomic particles together will dissipate for they too depend on energy to operate. Thus matter will fragment to its energetic form and be transmuted. Nothing will remain.

dimension collapses upon itself if it has no content, as this one will have. Thus, time and space will no longer exist and the dimension and all its sub-dimensions will cease to exist.

As an awakened being, you will see this fragmentation as having a purpose. While it is painful to see it occur, we must remember that we are seeing an illusion disappear before our eyes. Gaining psychic powers like I predicted may assist in knowing coming facts, but it can also traumatize minds for we shall see who is who. Don't be emotionally exploited. You may see reptilian Consciousnesses in your parents, your children, friends, associates, pets, etc.

Timing is everything. And things will happen in your life when it is time for them to happen, just like you and all of us will leave when it is time for us to leave.
We will all know who is who near the End. You will know who is a demon, who is a robot, who is viable and who is not. We will all, Viables and non-Viables, come to the realization that this world must end, so horrific will its state be.

It will emotionally destroy us, if we let it, to find some of those we called 'loved ones' are reptilian demons. That will truly fragment our lives if we let it.
But we must be strong and not falter. Remember, all beings have had innumerable chances to turn to the Light. It is their choice to be evil ­ except for demons, of course, who have been created totally of Dark Matter and they cannot see the Light or respond to it or to Truth. My final point is this:
Prepare, prepare, prepare. Not to survive physically, but to survive spiritually. http://www.rense.com/general95/frag.htm

LAZY COWARDS WILL SUFFER WHEN HELLS GATES OPEN THIS YEAR // 2012-Extinction-Doomsday-Prophecies-Proved-By-Scientists //



Usury Free Serenity Global Cooperative

Join us in a  New Paradigm of Universal Oneness, Serenity and Prosperity for All.
We are a 
Network of People with Integrity and OPEN hearts, READY to create a BETTER WORLD for seven generations to come.



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